Learn about drama, theatre, stage and performance in Learnpod Academy‘s acting classes for kids between 8-16 years of age; a fun, interactive and personalised course where kids will be encouraged to create a theatrical piece from scratch by taking inspiration from their daily life experience using stories, books, poetry and others.

💁‍♀️  Batch of 4

🗓️  Number of classes: 8

🏦  Activity fee: Rs.5,000 + GST

acting classes for kids

Live activity starts in

Online acting classes for kids provide children with a foundation of vital skills including self-esteem, creative thinking, leadership and teamwork to help them succeed in school and throughout their lives. 

acting classes for kids

What will you learn?

Boost in self confidence

Perseverance and empathy

Better physical / verbal communication

Problem solving skills

Boost in creativity

And so much more

Rajashree Das

A journalist by day and a theatre artist by night, Rajshree is all heart when it comes to arts! She has been in love with theatre for over 7 years and cannot help but be dramatic.

Rajshree Das

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