If the word “abracadabra” conjures up your memories of a magician with a deck of cards at a birthday party, you are not alone. Magic is everywhere, most importantly – in your mind and all you need is to train your brains to recognise it. Join Sharan Kuttapa in a magic tricks online course, especially curated to build confidence, correct posture, and improve your public speaking skills. Let’s get you started? 

💁‍♀️  Batch of 12

🗓️  Number of classes: 10

🏦  Activity fee: Rs.5,500 + GST

magic tricks online course

Live activity starts in

Magic is often the first form of entertainment many of us experience, starting with the “peekaboo” disappearing act. Imagine how cool would it be to stand out amongst your friends and leave them in awe with your tricks. Sharan is super excited to meet you on the 10th, are you?

What will you learn?

Boost in self confidence

Creativity and problem-solving

Public speaking presentation

Ice-breakers for friends

Mystify and entertain friends

Great add-on for storytelling

Sharan Kuttapa

An engineer turned magician, Sharan is an exceptional performing artist with more than a 1000 shows to his credit, and is really excited to blow your mind (Just like he did ours)

Sharan Kuttapa

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