Mindfulness is a very very simple concept that enables you to bring complete focus and calm to whatever you do. Basically, simple tools for children to excel in anything and everything. In this workshop, young minds will learn three fun techniques to be calm in any emotional situation, to gently observe their emotions and find healthy ways to get rid of negative emotions and enhance their attention on everything they do. 

💁‍♀️  Batch of 10 

🗓️  Number of classes: 3 

🏦  Activity fee: Rs.1,100 + GST

mental health workshops for kids

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2020 hasn’t been easy, for anyone. The kind of pressure teens go through only makes the situation worse. What better than gifting them a virtual space to start meditation, practise mindfulness and cultivate a habit that will stay with them forever?

What will you learn?

Sailing through distractions

Coping up with peer pressure

Clarity on your passion

Incredible focus on academics

Emotional clarity

And so much more

Sunil Soni

Founder of Pause & Play, Sunil is a certified mindfulness coach from Bodhih Institute & Blair Singer’s TTT program. He has been practising meditation for the last 12 years (every single day) since the age of 14.

Sunil Soni

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