Calligraphy is a timeless art form, unique and elegant in its own kind. Brush pen calligraphy consists of different styles of drawing letters and has started gaining popularity and professional value in recent years. Get a step-by-step walkthrough, right from how to hold the pen to drawing basic strokes and to learning about letters and words in online calligraphy class by Swati Thakur, one of the best calligraphers in the house.

💁‍♀️  Batch of 15

🗓️  Number of classes: 3

🏦  Activity fee: Rs.3,500 + GST

Online calligraphy class

Live activity starts in

Do you spoon over pretty letters? Do videos of calligraphy on instagram make you weak in the knees? If you silently said yes to both these questions, brush pen calligraphy by Swati Thakur is definitely the right choice for you 🖋️

Online calligraphy class

What will you learn?

How to draw letters

Creating art pieces

Calligraphy strokes

Detailed vision towards art

Meditation while drawing letters

And so much more

Swati Thakur

Swati is a commercial artist with a specialisation in calligraphy and designing. She’s been working on various calligraphy scripts and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with her students.

Swati Tkahur

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