Does the sound of music excite you? Do you see yourself performing in concerts in front of thousands of people in the future? And are you looking to build your career as a musician? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, these online guitar classes are DEFINITELY for you. We don’t want to tell you the thousand benefits of learning guitar, but hey! hope to see you in our classes?

💁‍♀️  Batch of 5

🗓️  Number of classes: 15

🏦  Activity fee: Rs.5,000 + GST

online guitar classes

Live activity starts in

Learning guitar can never be just a hobby or a passion, it’s a completely different vibe altogether. And what better than learning from someone who’s willing to give his 100% just to ensure that you are learning, growing and expressing to the best of your abilities. Ourav is super excited to meet you on the 26th, are you?

online guitar classes

What will you learn?

Finger exercises for left hand

Strumming patterns

Music theory and chords

Creating your own melodies


And so much more

Ourav Banerjee

A songwriter, a composer, a producer and a teacher, Ourav has been a professional musician for over 5 years now and is excited to be a part of your journey too!

Ourav Banerjee

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