Importance of extracurricular activities

importance of extracurricular activities

“Varun, let’s solve maths today.”

“NOOOOOOOOOO maa, I want to play PS4!”

Is this what happens at your home too? Does the parent in you relate to this? Are you tired of making your child learn something useful?

No need to worry! Learnpod Academy can help you out.

Extracurricular activities form an important part of every child’s development. So, when children say that that they are bored of studying and want to play, why not engage them in some fun activities which actually add value in their lives?

During the raging pandemic, the pre-COVID 19 routine has fallen apart. Students are compelled to learn through screens and the concept of engaging with peers is completely shut off. With offline classrooms and summer camps cancelled, students refrain from the much-needed extracurricular activities that otherwise come under their belt of overall development.

But it is necessary to improve the opportunities for the students to engage in fun yet knowledgeable activities amid the new and challenging circumstances. And who said that can’t be achieved online?

Learnpod Academy provides a diverse list of online live extracurricular activities for kids especially curated to cherish every child’s interest.

Essential life skills, socialisation, and personal development can be learned only when students become a part of a larger group. To make this possible, it is necessary to enroll your students in online extracurricular activities.

Besides, getting involved in co-curricular activities merit more attention after school. Colleges and Universities look out for students who have a range of skills and personal qualities along with academic accomplishments.

And Learnpod Academy’s online workshops for students does that exactly! Be it online art workshop, or magic tricks online course, learning a new language, or mental health workshops for kids — there’s something for every student!

If learning online is the only optimal way of learning right now, let’s make the best out of it. Remember, the show (or learning), must always go on!

Role and importance of extracurricular activities at Home

1) Keeps Students Alert and Makes Learning Easy

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! You don’t want your child to be Jack.

Enrolling students in creative activities keeps their brain at work- these extracurricular activities for kids are the key to their holistic development.

Besides, online learning of co-curricular activities delivers ease and efficiency. With maximum productivity and minimum expenses, it offers students a competent way to learn new things without any hassle. Students have the freedom to learn from any part of the world and at their convenience.

Online workshops break down all the barriers and creates room for knowledge to flourish in every aspect.

2) Helps to Build Long-Lasting Relations

Remember the time you made a friend while playing in the garden? Or during the drawing class that your parents enrolled you in?

Engaging in co-curricular activities for kids like public speaking workshop or Reiki level 1 urge them to interact with more people thus helping in building new relations.

You never know, your child might find a new best friend in an online workshop!

3) Develops Social and Time Management Skills

Extracurricular activities can challenge the child to push their own limits and excel at the skill they love. In a world where skills like communication, creativity, perseverance, leadership, teamwork or entrepreneurship have become the need of the hour, it is necessary to make children develop them at an early age now even in the confines of our homes.

Enrolling in French lessons for children or learning to play new musical instruments can help in the elevation of these skills.

4) Provides Break from Academic Monotony

No one likes to study or work for long hours. Remember the time when you used to desperately look forward to your 12’o clock lunch break?

While students have to learn gravity in Science or geometry in maths out of necessity, they can learn drawing or creative writing out of interest. Providing students, a list of extracurricular activities to choose from, educating them about the importance of extracurricular activities allows them to emulate what they love as well as relax and mingle.

5) Overall Personality Development is a MUST!

The knowledge of academics coupled with the nuances of co-curricular activities leads to exponential benefits that help in the child’s overall development. Beyond that, learning a skill they love instils key skills and traits that can be helpful in other walks of life.

Online workshops can hone your child’s interest in the right direction and lead them to success above and beyond their set academic curriculum.

6) Brings Out Hidden Talent

Did you know that our very own Mr. Bean (Actor Rowan Atkinson) is also an engineer? Then what made him pursue acting? His passion to be an actor. He could have continued working as an engineer but decided to pursue his hobby and ended up becoming a world-famous actor. Isn’t that great?

Extracurricular activities help students to explore the various tangents of talent in themselves that maybe they themselves aren’t aware of. These online workshops for students help them understand what they excel at an early age thus igniting a passion that might set them apart in the long run.

As we always say, a passion cherished today, can become a successful career tomorrow!

Many times, students are motivated to go to school just because their timetable shows a P.T or a drawing class that day. C’mon, we all have been there! This makes it extra important to find ways to assure that the extracurricular activities form a part of student’s routine.

School life is perhaps the best learning time in student’s life as that is when the foundation is laid to build expertise and knowledge, making them future ready!

Although the list of extracurricular activities might be long, they are worth your time and effort! So, don’t waste any time. Enrol your children at Learnpod Academy — a creative and friendly space that fosters their overall personality through online workshops!

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