List of co curricular activities for students

list of co curricular activities

Covid-19 has not only transformed the education system but also opened up a number of new opportunities for children to learn new skills by taking part in various online extracurricular activities.

It is no doubt that extracurricular activities play an important part in providing a wholesome learning experience for children. Right from helping them have a fun-filled social life to improving their academic performance, the benefits of extracurricular activities are abundant.

Instead of hunting out for the best extracurricular activities, it is rather advisable to find the activities that very much suit and interest them. Here’s a list of co curricular activities that you can consider enrolling your children to:

List of co curricular activities 

  1. Online art workshop

Art-based co curricular activities help children shape up their creative minds and see the world through a different and interesting perspective. Among many art-based co curricular activities, the most popular ones are drawing, painting and doodling.

Painting and co curricular activities go very well together. Watercolour painting in-fact is one of the most fun painting techniques that many children tend to show interest in. As a result, it can be found on everybody’s bucket list of co curricular activities and there are high chances that your child will find it interesting too.

If you find watercolour painting slightly complex and challenging, you can enrol children for an online art workshop on doodling or pencil drawing activities. These activities are comparatively easier and faster to master.

2. Public Speaking

Communication is an important skill set to master since it helps children make a strong impression and stand out unique in every aspect of life. A public speaking workshop can help children communicate their thoughts and ideas in both personal and professional life with ease and conviction.

Imagine how proud and happy it would be to see your child inspire people in one of their TED talks someday?

3. Creative writing

Creative writing is another co curricular activity that can be fun and productive at the same time. It could provide children with the much-needed break from academics while also shaping and developing their creative minds. It is one of those co curricular activities, which will open up many interesting career choices for them. Professions like copywriting, screenplay writing, poetry and novel writing, etc. need creativity, and enrolling children in an online creative writing workshop now can create a strong foundation for their future.

4. Meditation and Yoga

You might be surprised to see meditation on this list of co curricular activities. You would also be wondering whether meditation falls under co curricular activities at all? Well, it does!

Meditation is one of the most underrated co curricular activity that can do wonders for children. It allows children to destress, sit back and relax from their monotonous academic life. It is also proven that meditation allows children to act more calmly and wisely in every challenge they face in life. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that can help children to be mindful of what they are sensing and feeling at a moment.

An alternative to meditation can be Yoga, which helps children to relax both mentally and physically. Yoga is one of those activities whose benefits are reaped for a lifetime.

5. Learning a new language

How can we have a list of co curricular activities without having a new language in it?

The cognitive benefits of learning a new language are undeniable as it improves memory, problem-solving, and listening skills. There are various regional and foreign languages to choose from, based on interest and preference. French lessons for children can be an option along with other languages like Spanish, German, Mandarin and even Russian.

6. Music

Music can be a very great hobby if a child is truly passionate, and many make successful careers out of it.

The benefits of learning music are abundant. Subjecting children to music can develop the areas of their brain that is associated with language and reasoning. It improves their memory since music training involves learning new sheet music, chords, etc. Learning music also has emotional and mental benefits. Children are expected to become more emotionally developed with a better tendency to cope with anxiety. Most importantly, it helps them relax and take a break from their regular schooling/college life.

There are a variety of options available in music like singing, instruments (for example — online guitar classes), composing, production, and even DJing.

7. Sports

It would be unfair to complete this list of co curricular activities without including sports in it. Yes, children must be physically active and therefore, it is mandatory to enrol them in sports activities that find interesting.

Sports play a vital role in growth and development during school/college life. They help not only in developing physical fitness but also in their mental health and well-being. Moreover, participating in sports activities also helps in overall personality development.

Hope this list of co curricular activities is helpful and provides you with a couple of options to choose from for your kids. What are the activities do you think we have missed out on?

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