7 free online learning tools every student should know about

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Students’ life is a crunch, balancing a load of academics, engaging in a list of extracurricular activities, living a social life. Phew! It’s definitely not easy to juggle everything productively and it’s fairly easy to get stressed out. But what if we tell you that you can make your academic life a bit better and easier?

One of the greatest challenges every student faces is to stay organised and in control of the thousands of tasks that needs to be done. Thanks to online learning tools, a whole suite of apps / websites are available for students to stay at the top of the game — academics and otherwise.

In this fast-paced world, where information overload has become a part and parcel of life, there are a plethora of apps and software that promises students multiple ways to do tasks easily, but how to decide which ones are free and best ones to utilise?

7 Free online learning tools

1. Canva

As a school, college, or even Master’s students, we are always expected to draw graphs, tables, make presentations, create posters, videos, and much more. The artistic elements in the academic knowledge never leave your back, ever! As one of the top useful creative tools, Canva is every student’s dream. With Canva, you can easily curate and create professional-looking visuals using your study material. It works on easy drag-and-drop options wherein you can select from a number of already designed templates, change colours, add elements, graphics, patterns, and also add music to your data. It includes other photo-editing and designing features too.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy constitutes a major useful tool for studying and learning outside classrooms. It has courses available as per your educational background, interest and that too, absolutely free! Be it geometry, chemistry, engineering, finance, history, or any other stream- this free online learning tool offers productive courses tailored for everyone.

The process is simple- once you select your interest, Khan Academy will set you up with courses you are interested in. You can study at your own pace while keeping a track of your progress with its tracking feature. Start learning!

3. Evernote

Whether you want to take down notes, make lists, organise notes according to textbooks, manage presentations, or create topic-wise study guides, embed images, draw shapes, sketches or tables- Evernote is one of the best online learning tools that collates all your information in one place. Trust us, making notes have never been so easy and functional before! Besides, you can use this wonderful application on your phone, tablet, desktop, browser, literally everywhere. You can cross-sync your devices so you can always have access to your notes. It literally manages anything and everything!

4. Grammarly

Do you find it a bit difficult to identify tenses? Do you often find yourself making silly grammar mistakes? Well, Grammarly is at your disposal!

With this application, you can become an efficient wordsmith, literally. And this useful app points out your every grammar mistake while giving the correct solution in the pop-up box and also gives cues as to where your work can be improved. Besides, it also provides a plagiarism checker for your content.

5. Quill

One of the free online learning tools that assist students to be better writers and even better at learners, Quill provides a diverse range of free writing and grammar activities for students of all ages. Consisting of over 100+ concepts with a quality curriculum, Quill helps in learning every nuance of English. It consists of components like – Quill connect (learning complex and advanced structured sentences), Quill Diagnostic (sentence construction skills), Quill proof-reader (editing and improving grammatical errors), Quill grammar (basic to advanced grammar skills), and much more.

We can already see you becoming a grammar sleuth!

6. Goboard

Looking for a way to learn beyond classrooms while interacting with others? We have got the perfect tool for you. GoBoard- an app that works on an amalgamation of video conferencing with interactive educational sessions. You can easily find a tutor or a group of students sharing similar interests available at any time of the day. Simply click on ‘Find a tutor’, then filter ‘online tutors’ on the ‘Tutor Matching Service’ and you are good to go! The best part is this online learning tool is absolutely free and gives you a chance to collaborate with people on any topic.

It is a simple yet powerful educative option to connect and learn productively.

7. Schooltraq

Students have a lot going on – school, extracurricular activities, tuitions, socializing with friends, and so on! So many activities to do, that sometimes we forget an assignment deadline or a test happening the next day. Oops!

Schooltraq is one such tool that keeps in track all your happenings- your assignments, deadlines, classes, special events, everything! An invaluable organisationals tool, this online site connects your mobile and computer so that all the plans are in sync. It has a dashboard that presents your assignments alphabetically, by the due date, or by type of course to give you a hassle-free planning experience. One of the best academic planners, make Schooltraq your study buddy and never miss out on any due date.

Yep! We know student life can be challenging, but with these free online learning tools, you can easily get an A+, as well as cut enough slack to do every other fun activity. Get ready for upcoming academic challenges by learning great studying techniques through these best online learning tools. It’s time to start living a fun, not-so-stressful school and college life.

Happy Learning! Happy Growing!

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