8 exciting online workshops for students

online workshops for students

Have you ever watched or heard a song on your phone and ended up humming it the entire day? Or have you ever tried cooking that fancy recipe you saw on one of the Facebook videos? And have you ever tried the viral tips and tricks shared on your family WhatsApp groups?

Yes, that’s how big the influence of online media is in our lives! And if this is how it affects us adults, no wonder our children are addicted to the rectangular screen.

Is there a solution for it? Probably not. Is there a way to transform this addiction into something productive? Definitely yes.

Summer vacations is at its peak and unfortunately you can’t enrol your children for summer camps. However, times have changed and so has the form of learning. With the advent of covid-19 exactly 14 months ago, the education industry was revolutionised overnight with online education becoming the new normal. Not just schools, but engaging in different types of co-curricular activities via online workshops also became a thing — and to some extent, for good.

Learnpod Academy provides online workshops for students with the objective of identifying, developing, teaching, and elevating their extracurricular skills. The goal is to help students realise their true passion, something that brings them immense joy in good times and bad.

Online workshops for students: What are the options available?

1) Public Speaking — Dreaming of giving your own TED talk someday?

‘Public Speaking’ is a crucial life skill. Mastering it helps students to opine their views, talk with conviction, voice their thoughts at an early age thus paving the way for development in both personal and professional life. You can teach your child this skill at home or enroll them in Learnpod Academy’s public speaking workshop, uniquely designed to help kids learn and grow.

Key takeaways:

• Boosts confidence

• Communication and leadership skills

• Makes you future-ready

2) Art Workshop — Towards a colourful career

If your child exhibits the traits of Picasso or M.F. Hussain by painting on the walls of the house or just scribbling on paper, then this workshop is a definite ‘yes’ from all the extracurricular activities for kids mentioned here.

Be it painting, drawing, doodling, sketching, pencil art marathon, or Warli painting online — ace every art by enrolling them our online art workshop.

Key Takeaways:

• Multiple art-based techniques

• Creativity and innovation

• Development of motor skills

3) Reiki — Pathway to enlightenment

Want your child to be empowered at the deepest level? We’d say go for Reiki!

The door to self-improvement, self-help, and self-care, Reiki level 1 guides children to their highest potential. Learning reiki as young as possible can be truly life-forming as it helps reduce stress and teaches excellent coping skills.

Key Takeaways:

• Enhances relaxation

• Improves concentration

• Encourages self-awareness

4) Magic — ABRACADA-BRAinpower is your strength here!

Is your child always up to some prank? Are they pulling simple tricks as a part of their routine?

Then, maybe it’s time for them to don the magician’s hat!

Learning magic is the perfect way to give your child the much-needed break from academics. To top that, the magic tricks online course makes your child smarter in ways you can’t even phantom and channelizes intelligence through creativity.

Key Takeaways:

• Tons of magic ideas/ tricks

• Interpersonal skills

• Inspires curiosity, creativity, and co-ordination

5) Meditation — Relax, Concentrate, Succeed!

Meditation should be on the list of every child’s extracurricular activities.

The soothing qualities of this art form help to destress and focus in life. Studies show that fostering the habit of meditation in children from an early age, helps them to be calm and wise whilst taking important decisions in life. Meditation courses or mental health workshops for kids prove instrumental in their holistic development.

Key Takeaways:

• Learn ‘Mindfulness’

• Regulation of thoughts and emotions

• Reduces anxiety

6) Music —Tune your life to the right beat.

If your child loves singing, plays an instrument, or simply likes listening to music, you can encourage them to indulge in music-related activities. The little musician in your house might end up becoming the next A.R. Rehman or Lata Mangeshkar if given the right guidance.

Music classes are in demand all over the globe — especially online guitar classes!

Key Takeaways:

· Teaches self-expression

· Improves mental ability

· Relaxation and stress-free life

7) Creative Writing — Unleash your inner writer

Does your child love to narrate compelling imaginative stories? Do they like jotting down their creative thoughts? Then online creative writing workshop is your cue. Creative writing is the way to put your child’s thoughts on paper and make it into a masterpiece.

Key Takeaways:

• Creative and critical thinking

• Fosters imagination

• Cognitive Learning

8) Foreign Language — Expand your horizons

The world is becoming a melting pot of different cultures. Hence, it is advisable for students to get exposed to new languages as opposed to just knowing the traditional language. This skill helps in developing social and analytical skills. German, Spanish, Mandarin, and French lessons for children are some of the most sought-after courses today.

Workshop Takeaway:

• Problem-solving skills

• Personality development

• Communication skills

We can go on and on but we know you are smart. A plethora of other online workshops awaits you at Learnpod Academy! Cooking, Sports, Acting, Yoga, Dance, etc. — choose from the list of extracurricular activities that your child can learn online.

This summer, let’s explore together.

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