Warli paintings are a traditional art form that originated in Maharashtra, India and originally done by tribal people of the region. They practiced the art as a way of connecting themselves to nature, and so Warli art form uses a lot of different geometric shapes in the artwork like a circle, square, triangle, etc. Each of these represents different elements in nature. 

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Warli painting online

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Art is naturally linked to creativity, Warli art was traditionally done by people on the red bricks houses with rice flour. Even now in Maharashtra, this art form is widely practiced and houses and buildings are still decorated with Warli motifs.

Warli painting online

What will you learn?

Basic and advance warli

Figures, plants, sculptures etc.

Creative art work

Beauty of warli art form

Modernising traditional art

And so much more..

Manya Jain

A fevicryl certified professional who strongly believes in painting dreams into reality. Having completed her certifications with ‘A’ grade, art is like what food is to most of us, brings her peace of mind.

Manya Jain

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